About Us

Impact Eat Foundation

The Impact Eat Foundation has the desire to support small farmers in their daily activities, sensitize and train them in sustainable tourism, and work hand-in-hand with them to proudly showcase their region and their crafts to local and international visitors. The Impact Eat Foundation was born out of the roots of the renowned Peruvian gastronomy: the artisans of its incredibly rich biodiversity, which shaped its culinary heritage over time.





What We Do?

We’re on a mission to showcase the guardians of Peruvian agrobiodiversity


We identify all the small farmers and give them visibility using technologies to design an interactive map of Peru’s agrobiodiversity and then categorize each of them according to their readiness and interest to be part of the agritourism routes of Peru.


We contribute with funds in order to provide advanced training and capacity building resources in order to develop and strengthen an agritourism network in collaboration with the small producers.


We support farmers in order to improve their quality of life and bring them out of poverty with the help of agritourism. We offer the Impact Eat Label to those who went through our training program and are ready to offer their agro-experiences to visitors.


We commercialize and promote goods and agro-experiences, using our experience and network in the travel industry. We link small farmers to local and international customers and travelers, ensuring business profitability and sustainability.

Our Mission

To empower small farmers and local communities by supporting them take advantage of their agricultural biodiversity and improve their lives through sustainable agritourism.

Our Vision

To strengthen the regions' gastronomic identity in collaboration with small farmers and local communities.

Local producers

Pisco 1901

Pisco producer

Campo Verde

Andean cereals


Fruits jam & nectars

Our Impact in Peru

Of a population of more than 32 million people in Peru, 2,458,503 people are engaged in agricultural work, mostly in rural areas. All our efforts are going towards our small farmer partners, their family and their community.

We are proud to generate a growing positive impact in Peru and for the planet.

How Can You Help?

Every donation counts.

Make a difference for small producers, their family, and their community.

Small farmers identified
Commercialized initiatives
Agro-experiences designed
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